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Consult and Audits is a consulting firm specialized in Operations, Engineering, e-Sourcing and Trade.

It has over 20 years of experience in Operations, e-Procurement, Work Study and Times and Motion.

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Promena - Consults and Audits

Promena e-Procurement | Supply Chain and Operations | AviX Work Study | OEE Software

Bidding Tool, e-Sourcing and Supply Chain in the U.S.
Our company specializes in e-Procurement, Supply Chain and Work Study providing value added and quality services supported by our Experienced Professionals certified in Operations Management, Supply Chain Management and MTM Work Study.

Our portfolio encompasses End-to-End Procurement Solutions, Operational Audits, Supply Chain and Work Study Consulting. With a partnership with Promena, Consult and Audits offers the e-Procurement Tool and Procurement Outsourcing Services.

Promena e-Procurement tool in responsive design for different devices

Promena is a cloud-based, e-Tender, e-RFI, e-RFP, e-RFQ (e-RFx), e-bidding tool, e-Auction, e-Procurement, Supplier and Contract Management and Spend Analysis Platform. Take advantage of Promena’s cutting-edge procurement technologies and services to provide the most efficient improvement in cost, productivity, transparency and risk management parameters on all of your purchasing activities.

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Take your negotiation skills to a complet new level. Analyze your spend, greater visibility-management with your suppliers, supplier scouting, sourcing, on-line bidding tool, manage your contracts with state-of-the art procurement tool, Promena’s unique end-to-end e-Sourcing Platform will bring savings, visibility, compliance, efficiency and a guarantee to achieve bottom-line results.

  • Promena e-Sourcing
  • Innovation in Procurement
  • Maximize your negotiation techniques, on-line, real-time saving on your Total-Spend
  • Provide added value in your strategic purchasing projects
  • e-RFI
  • e-RFP
  • e-RFQ on-line Bidding tool
  • On-line Closed Bid and Open bid Tendering
  • Minimize Risk in your Supply Chain
  • e-Procurement
  • On-line Approval Management
  • Procurement Outsourcing


  • AviX Work Study
  • PMTS-MTM Method Study
  • Times and Motion
  • FMEA
  • SMED
  • DFX2
  • AviX - Audit your Standard Times
  • AviX - Standard Operation Sheets
  • AviX - Video-Based time and motion software
  • AviX - Loss Reports

AviX Execution Optimizer video example

Our Predetermined Motion Time Systems (PMTS)

Time and Movements Analysis Time Keeping
MODAPTS (Modular Arrangement of Predetermined Time Standards)

Work Study Training, Advanced Procurement, ERP JDE

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You can not improve what is not measured.

The conditions of the company can be drastically improved
by knowing your products and processes, hidden pitfalls, motivating and implementing improvements in the processes.

Standard Operational Sheets

Consult and Audits provides support in the development of new Procedures and Controls seeking certification based on ISO 9000 standards.

Standard Times

We provide Time and Motion consulting offering stopwatch, MTM MOST or MTM UAS analysis obtaining reliable target standard times vs current cicle times.


We perform operational audits evaluating performance management, mitigating and reducing Risks in the Supply Chain - Production, Procurement and Warehouse Management.

Time and Motion Audits

Medicion de tiempos y movimientos

Work Study and Time and Motion helps to determine the target standard time of any man-machine activity activity vs the actual cicle time. It also serves to detect and eliminate Non-Value Added activities in any operation, shortening the cycle time in order to comply with the tackt time of the client's demand. For more information about this service please click on “Time and Motion audit”

Process Optimization

Planeacion y optimización de layout

An MTM UAS Study and motion study, provides a solid foundation for planning and optimizing processes by strengthening cost reduction programs, Lead-Time-reduction and batch-size-reduction. For more information about these services click on “MTM UAS and process Improvement” or also “Six Sigma Consultation"

Integrated SCM

Integracion total Tiempos y movimientos

Time and motion, MTM UAS and Six Sigma. For more information click on “MTM UAS - Six Sigma


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