PS-Kai from Consult and Audits – (OEE KPI INDICATOR-Automation)

OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness. It is a measure of how effective your installations are.

OEE- Productivity Indicator (Overall Equipment Effectiveness Software)
Consult and Audits, goes deep into the work study and engineering fields offering a great system designed to provide real-time process-efficiency manufacturing or maintenance availability visualization, measuring the work quality-level its being accomplished in a real time manner. It’s a proven system methodology to detect areas of opportunity and take action immediately increasing efficiency in any production or service environment. It also is a cost reduction driven OEE software/solution.

  • * Overall equipment effectiveness quantifies how well a maintenance process, a manufacturing unit, or a specific process performs relative to its designed capacity, during the periods when it is scheduled to run or be executed.
  • * Total effective equipment performance (TEEP) measures OEE against calendar hours, i.e.: 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

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OEE is a fundamental and powerful Key Process indicator (KPI) to drive continuous improvement and Lean Manufacturing / TPM;  it is a ratio used to measure the percentage of the efficiency of any process (manufacturing, procurement, maintenance, process engineering, etc). This tool is also known as TTR (Total Return Rate) when used in production facilities. The Consult and Audits automated OEE allows the engineering, maintenance, production and management teams to have a real-time action to increase productivity and quality allowing the company to reduce extra time, reduce additional shifts, reduce materials costs or increase production with the same resources.

OEE = Availability * Efficiency * Quality”

AUTOMATED SOFTWARE AND PRODUCTIVITY SYSTEM PS-KAY form Consult and Audits – (web base Real time information for managment)
OEE is the backbone of many techniques employed in asset management programs.

Productivity is defined as the actual output over the actual input (e.g. number of cars per employee). The effectiveness of the installation is the actual output over the reference output. Productivity can be influenced not only by changing the effectiveness but also by altering the efficiency; this is the actual input over the reference input.

The value of the OEE is a measure for the effectiveness of the process in the available time for executing the task or cycle.

OEE = Availability x Performance x Quality
OEE is broken down into three measuring metrics of Availability, Performance, and Quality

Metric 1: Availability
Availability = Run Time / Total Time
By Definition: Percentage of the actual amount of production time the machine is running to the production time the machine is available.
Simple OEE: The total run time of the machine subtracting all unplanned downtime.

Availability = (TO / TPO) x 100
TPO = Total Work Time - Time Stops Planned
TO = TPO - Stops and / or faults
Availability is a value between 0 and 1 which is usually expressed in percentage.

Metric 2: Performance
Performance = Total Count / Target Counter
By Definition: Percentage of total parts produced on the machine to the production rate of machine.
Simple OEE: How well a machine is running when it is running.

Metric 3: Quality
Quality = Good Count / Total Count
By Definition: Percentage of good parts out of the total parts produced on the machine.
Simple OEE: How many good parts versus bad parts a machine has produced

Benefits of measuring OEE

  • Awareness of the losses
  • Verification that established objectives have been achieved
  • Comparison of results in time (trends analysis)
  • Comparison of results against World Class processes

What to expect:
Based on results by Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
Availability (A)   > 90%
Performance (P) > 95%
Quality (Q)         > 99%
OEE = A X P X Q = 90% X 95% X 99% = 85%
An OEE of 85% is considered to be World Class Manufacturing (WCM) for the TPM prize

For more information please contact us at and ask us about our special offers or free demos. Consult and Audits is a consulting firm which delivers professional services in the US, Canada, Mexico and across Latin-America.