Time and motion study

We can support your company with the Time and Motion Analysis service. Our commitment is to provide a baseline and standard for analysis to support Management decision taking. The objective is to improve labor efficiency, reduce costs, eliminate different types of wastes, work-load balancing as well as promote and built a Total-Quality work-culture in your continuous improvement path.

Time and Movements Study Objectives

  • Establish a reasonable and sustainable standard time for an specific task execution
  • Determine the best work method and work place to execute a job
  • Build a balance over the work flow
  • Cost-Rate any specific task
  • Develop the standard procedures and instructives needed to perform the task/work
  • Facilitate a frame for movement and posture analysis in the work place
  • Determine the most appropriate workers and skill needed for an specific task
  • Quantify the disability/impairment level accepted for determined tasks
  • Qualtify the hability level needed to execute determined tasks

Our Predetermined Motion Time Systems (PMTS)

Time and Movements Analysis Time Keeping
MODAPTS (Modular Arrangement of Predetermined Time Standards)

consult and audits Auditoria de compras y excelencia en cadena de suministro ERP JDEdwards

Medicion de tiempos y movimientos

Time and motion study

Deterine activity and operations Std times

Planeacion y optimización de layout

Layout planning and optimization

Costs reduction, Lead times reduction, Lote size reduction, Quality and service improvement.

Integracion total Tiempos y movimientos

Total integration

Conjunction of time and movements, MODAPTS, MTM1, MTM2, Total quality, Just in time and Six sigma